Sheila A. Bowman
Seafood Watch Manager of Culinary Initiatives


Sheila A. Bowman is a prominent figure in the field of sustainable seafood and ocean conservation. She is best known for her work with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, where she serves as the Manager of Culinary and Strategic Initiatives. In this role, Bowman focuses on engaging chefs, culinary professionals, and food service providers in the sustainable seafood movement.

Bowman’s work involves educating and collaborating with stakeholders in the food industry to promote the use of sustainable seafood choices. She helps develop and implement strategies that encourage the adoption of Seafood Watch recommendations, which aim to protect ocean ecosystems and ensure the long-term viability of seafood stocks.

Her efforts are pivotal in bridging the gap between scientific research on marine conservation and practical, actionable steps that can be taken within the culinary and food service industries. By fostering partnerships and advocating for sustainable practices, Bowman contributes significantly to the broader goals of ocean conservation and environmental sustainability.