WORLDCHEFS Academy was created to give you a chance to learn the culinary basics needed to start a career in culinary arts and help deepen your knowledge of sustainable culinary methods.

Through the WORLDCHEFS Academy portal, you will have access to 2 online courses, the Pre-Commis Chef Training Program and Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals, completely free of charge. The Pre-Commis Chef Course offers a foundation level for culinary education, providing you with the basics that set the standard for an entry level job in a professional kitchen. The Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals curriculum teaches chefs how to think and act sustainably over the course of 8 lessons covering key themes of how to inspire positive change.

Whether you would like to learn through the web-based platform or via the mobile app which offers an offline study mode, you’ll be able to complete your course for FREE. Simply connect to the internet when it is available, download the course that you are enrolled in via the mobile app and study at any time, with or without internet. Then go back online when ready to complete the final assessment.

“For us at WORLDCHEFS, it is important to give aspiring chefs the foundation for a proper learning system that is available to everyone all over the world” stated, WORLDCHEFS President Thomas Gugler.

Upon completion of a course, you will have learnt the theory required to complete an online assessment and receive your WORLDCHEFS certificate and badge – an important first step for anyone looking to apply for employment in a professional kitchen or looking to demonstrate knowledge of sustainable methods.

WORLDCHEFS Academy’s Pre-Commis Chef Course is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, German and Mandarin. The Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals Course is available in English with additional languages to follow.


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