Daniel Schweizer
Executive Chef, Executive Chef Vice President ACF Jamaica Chapter Member of Worldchefs Feed the Planet and Sustainability Committee 2020 - 2024


Born in Switzerland Chef Daniel discovered the love for cooking from his uncle,
who had a restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland. He knew very quickly that he wanted
to be a Chef.
His journey began in 1980 when he started a three-year apprenticeship program in
Switzerland. Thereafter he traveled throughout Switzerland to learn the various
cuisines and languages firstly to Geneva where he learned French and classical
French Cuisine, then to Locarno where he learned Italian and Italian Regional
His journey carried him to Los Angeles, California and eventually his destination,
Jamaica. That was 32 years ago!
In Jamaica Chef Schweizer has held various positions as Executive Chef including
Morgan’s Harbor Hotel, Temple Hall Estate, Plantation Inn, Belfield Greathouse
and for the past 22 years Goddard Catering Group Jamaica Ltd.
Chef Schweizer has a passion for Caribbean Cuisine combined with European style
cooking, he particularly enjoys fusing unusual flavors and ingredients.
Chef Schweizer is passionate about training, sustainability for young chefs and
other interested persons and the development of Contemporary Caribbean Cuisine.